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6 Bad Sleeping Habits to Avoid With Your Serta Mattress

by Product Specialist IV

6 Bad Sleeping Habits to Avoid With Your Serta Mattress

6 Bad Sleeping Habits to Avoid With Your Serta Mattress

From worrying about a stressful project at work, to planning your daily to-do list before bed, there are many reasons why you might struggle to get to sleep at night. If sleep always seems to be a battle, you aren’t alone -- millions of adults struggle with various forms of insomnia every year. The good news is there are things you can do to get your sleep back on the track to Snoozeville.

Having a comfortable mattress is a great place to start -- and Serta mattresses come in innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid varieties -- so you can find one that perfectly suits your sleeping style. But, if switching up your mattress isn’t enough and you’re still struggling to catch enough Z’s, check out these six bad habits that could be stealing your sleep.

1. Don’t trust the early bird

This one might seem counterintuitive, but if you curl up on your Serta mattress before you’re tired, it can actually make it harder to fall asleep. Lying in bed tossing and turning will make your brain start to associate bedtime with stress, rather than sleep. If you’re not feeling tired when bedtime rolls around, get out of bed and do a calming activity for a few minutes before trying again.

2. Snacking in Bed

Late night dinners or even a big bowl of popcorn while you’re winding down in front of the TV can also seriously harm your sleep. When you lie down before your body has finished digesting heavy or greasy foods, you can end up with indigestion and discomfort that keeps you awake.

If you just can’t shake the pre-bedtime munchies, try something light, like fruit or a handful of nuts. Bananas and almonds even have the added bonus of activating chemicals in your brain that make you sleepy!

3. Stop surfing

The temptation to pick up your phone and scroll through your feed during a sleepless night can be strong but spending too much time surfing can make it harder to go to bed. Not only has blue light from screens been shown to disrupt sleep, checking social media can stimulate brain activity and make it harder to slow your mind down enough to get some rest. Put down the phone and pick up a pillow, instead.

4. Inconsistent Sleep Schedule

If you rise early for work or school during the week, it can be tempting to catch up on sleep over the weekend. Getting a bit of extra rest on your days off isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it’s important to keep your sleep and wake times about the same. An inconsistent sleep schedule can make it harder to fall asleep when you really need to, and it can make you feel less rested even if you are getting enough sleep.

5. Keeping the Room Warm

Especially during the winter, it feels natural to turn the heater on and make your room warm and cozy, but a warm room isn’t the best way to get to sleep. Your body temperature drops at night, and a cooler room is ideal for a good night’s rest. Keeping your room cool, then curling up on your Serta mattress under a warm blanket, can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

6. Watching the Clock

If you keep an alarm clock by your bedside, you might want to think about covering it up or hiding it before bed. Watching the sleepless minutes tick by can increase stress levels and make it even harder to fall asleep. So, cover up that clock, or if you use a cell phone, keep it well out of reach.